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We are dedicated to improving the businesses of our commercial customers through the provision of affordable, customised solutions, high quality products and excellent customer service. Satisfied, happy customers are our priority.

"We operate a very busy bar and restaurant which operates seven days and over one hundred hours per week. We have used Ecomist for many years and the combination of a quality product with a great service lets us concentrate on our business.”

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Restaurant & Bar Manager
"Fantastic products. No reaction with my allergies, TOP service man that looks after our shop.And it actually works.”

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Retail Business Owner
Our local franchise operator is so passionate about the Ecomist products and nothing is ever a problem. We always enjoy his visits and he's always here with a smile.”

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Childcare Centre Operator

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Commercial Pest Control Services

We make it easy to keep your business operating smoothly by providing customised and affordable pest control management services through our qualified and professional franchise network.

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Commercial Hygiene

Ecomist has a range of effective Odour Control & Air Freshener products specifically designed for Commercial applications! Get rid of smells and odours through a chemical reaction that will eliminate odours…read more

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Carry out Insect Control at home with Ecomist’s range of DIY Products. Our Ecomist programmable dispensers with safe and effective Insect Spray with Natural Pyrethrins will be sure to knock flying and crawling insects dead.



Have you discovered a major pest problem? Do you have an infestation on your property?
We are here to help. For any pest emergency call our friendly team on
027 565 6418.

Find out how we can help today, Phone 0800 75 75 78



Head Office 15 Accent Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand.
Phone  +64 (0)9 2747523
Email: info@ecomist.co.nz

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