Ecomist Dispenser

Ecomist Dispenser Even though the flies are not buzzing around in full force during the cooler months, other creepy crawlers are seeking shelter and a place to hibernate and breed. Cockroaches are nocturnal so sightings during the day are not as common as they look for food […]

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Stop Cockroaches in their Tracks

Stop cockroaches from spoiling your business Summer this year has beaten some records in heat and humidity around NZ. With rising temperatures insect protection becomes key for many business and food establishments. With the rise in flies, mozzies and cockroaches indoors and around properties insect control become paramount to […]

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Signature Scents equals Sweet Success Hotels, retailers, cafés, movie theatres and banks have mastered the power of signature scents to drive customers through their doors and help them to identify with the brand. The smell of popcorn of coffee is often an enhanced fragrance to entice customers […]

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