Keep your premises healthy, clean and fresh.

Maintain a healthy environment for your customers and your staff, with Ecomist’s comprehensive and competitively priced range of hygiene products.

Ecomist’s range of Odour Control Products includes the Automatic Dispenser. Our award-winning dispenser releases regular bursts of odour neutraliser combined with fragrance to eliminate odours and create calm ambience. With 50 French imported scents to choose from, we can create the right ambience for any environment!

Ecomist’s Odour Control Products are ideal for use in:
Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, garbage areas, cupboards, musty rooms, basements, food preparation areas, under sinks, laundries, where pets sleep, washrooms, locker rooms, gyms, hospitals, sick rooms, caravans and to remove smell of tobacco and alcohol.


Ecomist’s Automated Fragrance Dispensers Enhance Commercial Environments

Fragrance used in Business settings help to:
  • Create a unique point of difference
  • Delight customers
  • Ensure longer browse time
  • Increase purchases
  • Improve perceptions of your business quality and service.
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Commercial 2 in 1 Odour Neutraliser with French Fragrance

Ensure your business is smelling fresh and clean 24 hours a day. Install an advanced automatic aerosol dispenser and select from our extensive range of superior quality fragrances. Our friendly team and their staff will install and service every month. Enquire today.

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Odour Bombs

If you have an offensive odour that needs immediate removal from an area, let Ecomist Odour Bomb get to work. Similar to flea bombs, Ecomist Odour Bomb can be deployed to dispel the entire contents of the can and fog the room, destroying the offensive odours. And we’ve even given our Odour Bomb a dash of fragrance to leave the room smelling fresh and clean.