Residential Insect Control

Carry out Insect Control at home with Ecomist’s range of DIY Products. Our Ecomist programmable dispensers with the safe and effective Insect Spray with Natural Pyrethrins will be sure to knock flying and crawling insects dead.
We have been a household name for over 25 years and have developed a range of products from insect bombs to personal repellent which safely and effectively manage insects year round. Find out more about our Ecomist range below.

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Clear infestations with insect grenade

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Protect Borders

Protect your borders with Insect Sniper.

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Kill and repel flying and crawling insects with an Ecomist automated dispenser and insect killer.

 Out and About

BugBullit personal insect repellent keeps mozzies away when you’re active.

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