Easy and Effective Insect Control for your business.

Automatic aerosol dispensers from Ecomist

Ecomist’s award winning automatic dispensers control insects including flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders and moths with the minimum of fuss. Small amounts of natural pyrethrins are released at regular intervals to repel any insects that might think of entering your environment.

Our friendly operators will visit your business to establish a programme that will best suit your needs. We’ll then install and service your dispensers on a regular basis so you can concentrate on what you do best – looking after your customers and staff.

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Automatic Dispenser Insect Killer

Ecomist’s award winning dispensers have a sleek design that blends into any environment. The Dispenser’s advanced programming system enables it to be set to best suit the operating hours of your business. Our Insect Killer uses highly effective, natural pyrethrin insecticide and are sized to suit commercial premises.

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Insect Sniper

Targets bugs where they hide. A residual barrier insect spray that you spray around your premise to keep cockroaches, spiders and ants, silverfish and most crawling insects at bay. Easy, effective solution for keeping your premise insect free. No mess – The Insect Sniper propellant evaporates leaving behind active ingredients that kills and repels the insect when contact occurs

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Insect Grenade

Ecomist Insect Grenade is a single application to effectively rids your premise of cockroaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles, moths and ants. The entire contents of the can are discharged at once releasing a fine mist that penetrates hard to reach areas where insects might hide without staining or leaving a wet residue. The Grenade contains an Insect Growth regulator (IGR) to break the flea breeding cycle for up to 6 months!Ideal for commercial (cafes, hotels etc) as well as domestic use.

Add value to your business with Ecomist Automatic Insect Control:

  • Fully serviced and maintained
  • Full warranty
  • No risk, free trial and installation
Your Ecomist Franchise owner will advise you of the best model of dispenser that will suit the needs of your business.