Signature Scents equals Sweet Success

Hotels, retailers, cafés, movie theatres and banks have mastered the power of signature scents to drive customers through their doors and help them to identify with the brand. The smell of popcorn of coffee is often an enhanced fragrance to entice customers walking by. Hotel chains distinguish themselves with signature lobby, bathroom and bedroom scents – so customers using the same branded hotels around the world can check in a enjoy the same level of hygiene and signature scent, powerful for repeat guests and satisfied customers.
Recently, The Marketing Heaven spread the news on social about the Trip Advisor report that 75% of people looking for accommodation on their site read between 6-12 reviews before making their booking online. Having an embarrassing or malodours at any establishment can be devastating for business. The nose can detect thousands of scents and can evoke pleasant memories or repel people with the perception of an unhygienic environment, making hygiene and fragrance synonymous with success.
For 25 years Ecomist has evolved our fragrance options to include up to 50 fragrances which are 2 in 1 odour neurtralsiers and a fragrancing only option. Using the Ecomist dispenser each room can be set on a low, medium and high settings to allow for easy dispensing of the product. Signature scents can be created through “twisting of two fragrances” and vanilla and lavender for example or baby talc and jasmine would suit many bathroom facilities with a fresh and aromatic scent.
Ecomist’s franchisees are trained in fragrancing and can work with you to find the ideal scent you are looking for to suit various rooms and establishments. To find out more contact your local franchisee for a fragrance and hygiene appointment.

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