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Walking into a room, home or shop, one of the first things we sense is smell, good or bad! Bad smells can damage the reputation of any business and with online reviews becoming more popular as a way to choose where people stay, dine, shop and spend their money, maintaining a hygienic and fresh smell will ensure repeat customers and positive referrals.
In our subtropical climate we know the challenge of keeping rooms warm and dry. Is there a musty smell, left over cooking smells, or rodent smells?
The two pronged approach can transform any room to make it odour free and smelling how you choose! Ecomist Odour bomb kicks any odours to the floor by binding to the smelly odours and dropping them to the ground for easy vacuuming. Our range of 50 French fragrances with odour neutralisers can be placed into the Ecomist dispenser and set to dispense the fine mist into the air when it is needed.

    Embarrassment and the lingering odours can be avoided by these simple steps:

  1. Look for the source of the smell, have pets been in the space? Unopened Windows? Forgotten foods?
  2. Once the source of the smell have been removed, the next step is to use the Ecomist Odour Bomb. This formula is specially designed to target the smelly particles and bind to them, and drop them to the floor.
  3. Give the room a good hour for the odour bomb to do its job and prepare to vacuum.
  4. For ongoing neutralising of the room the Ecomist dispenser can be used with the odour neutraliser and either perfume free or French fragrances can transform the room.
  5. Enjoy a pleasant environment knowing your rooms are smelling fresh and odour free.


Windows that are shut over winter can keep the odour inside but often the rooms need to have air circulation to avoid mustiness or smells being trapped. Opening the windows over winter is a good idea in combination with the highly effective and yet gentle odour neutraliser.

To find out more about how to use the odour bomb in the home or business check out Tom in the video below. For a list of our beautiful French fragrances sourced from our French Kiwi Yves Dombrowsky you can view here:—Resources/32.aspx

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